“We are renting a chalet next summer!”… “It would be nice to be all together for the Christmas holidays!” Lines that you have certainly heard at least once around you. But why this craze for chalets? Quite simply because chalet life rhymes with happiness! We are all looking for that balance between our busy schedules and much-deserved quality time!

A stay in a chalet, whether small or large, is synonymous with warmth and comfort. These places where time stands still, where it is good to escape from the madness of everyday life, where you allow yourself long moments of relaxation with a view of the water or the snow-covered fir trees. Chalet life is unifying and certainly the greatest creator of memories! Ranging from card games with the grandparents to walks in the forest, or even games of hide and seek with our minis or shared dinners which are, how shall I put it? Best! Time stands still, the alarm clocks are off and everyone is refueling!

What a chance to connect with the great outdoors, to have this unique access to nature, to “take the time to take the time”! Each season is lived fully; jump off the end of the quay at the zenith of a beautiful summer day, the smell of autumn leaves, the beautiful white lines for winter sports enthusiasts or the sound of the stream when spring wakes up. And, the beauty of chalets is that you can find them in all styles, for all tastes! Some will favor the warmth of round wood for a return to basics, others will prefer modernity, but whatever our preferences, we manage to drop out, let go and just enjoy!

Search no more! Happiness is certainly at the chalet!