The melting snow and budding buds are signs that don’t lie: spring is here. And with spring comes spring cleaning! There’s nothing like the beginning of this new season to tour your outdoor spaces, ensure a thorough clean, and provide necessary maintenance. So, we offer you 10 easy tips and tricks to maximize the occupancy of your accommodation!

    1. 1. Brighten Up: Clean the windows. Wash curtains and other textiles. Perform minor repairs. Clean the gutters.
    2. 2. Spruce Up the Exterior: Clear the debris from winter. Wash the deck and furniture.
    3. 3. Arrange: Bring out the furniture. Install docks and boats.
    4. 4. Amenities Tour: Drain the spa and refill it. Verify the proper functioning of the air conditioning. Check the condition of the BBQ and outdoor fireplace.
    5. 5. Fire Safety: Change the batteries in smoke or carbon monoxide detectors and ensure the fire extinguisher is in good working order. Replace the spark screen for the outdoor fireplace if needed.

    1. 6. Inventory Adjustment: Replace damaged or outdated equipment. Ensure the good condition and compliance of life jackets.
    2. 7. Insect Alert: Check the condition of screens and the supply of insect repellents.
    3. 8. Trash and Recycling: Make access to bins easier.
    4. 9. Create Zones: Provide relaxation areas (hammock, swing, etc.). Add outdoor cushions.
    5. 10. Freshen Up: Refresh the decor with touches of greenery and colorful accessories.

We hope this guide to spring cleaning for your cottage has been helpful. It is essential to ensure that all these elements are in the best possible condition. Your guests will be delighted to fully enjoy the deck and your beautiful outdoor spaces!

Click here for your printable checklist.