Spring has arrived, inspiring us to introduce you to a unique accommodation recently added to our range! The whole team agrees that it’s simply perfect for hosting events, group meetings, retreats, birthdays, and more! This “lodge” offers comfort, nature, and entertainment. Located in the stunning Lanaudière region, Spa Le Suisse Inn offers an incomparable concept bringing together absolutely everything you need for a memorable stay!

In addition to featuring 10 beautiful rooms (with private bathrooms, small fridge, work desk, and coffee corner), this destination is renowned for its superb private thermal facilities: indoor pool, large outdoor hot tub, thermal shower (cold water), dry sauna, and steam sauna (Hammam). A big WoW!

As an entrepreneur, you’re surely always on the lookout for new ideas to bring your team together outside the whirlwind of daily life! Corporate meetings aren’t what they used to be, and this unique concept will allow you to intersperse your work sessions right on-site. What a joy to be able to gather everyone under one roof to plan upcoming projects, bond as a team, and create connections! Combining “spa day and work” is what we call HAPPINESS!

Easily organize your sister-in-law’s bachelorette party, your best friend’s birthday, or your team’s wrap party! No need to hit the road thanks to the kitchenette and BBQ area at your disposal. As a bonus, take advantage of the catering service! “Hello, perfect concept!”

Just like us, you’ll love the vastness of the site, which offers plenty of choices for moments of relaxation. In addition to the spa area, a large multifunctional room with game tables allows you to plan your preferred theme! And, a sure favorite is the outdoor fire pit area; the best way to end your evenings! Moreover, if you wish to add a tourist touch to your stay, the Garceau & La Réserve ski resorts and the beach at Parc des Pionniers are nearby. A big plus: trails for cyclists and recreational vehicle enthusiasts are directly accessible from the hotel, as well as pubs and restaurants. No doubt you’ll impress your team members or friends by organizing your next gathering at the unique concept of Spa Le Suisse Inn!

“Now all that’s left is to find your date!”